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Cook the Book Friday’s – Hummus

I made this several months ago, as part of our “OG Easter”, or, Easter as Jesus might have had it. I made a grilled lamb leg that had been marinated in yogurt, lemon, lemon zest, and mint, lavash bread (from … Continue reading

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Cook the Book Friday – Chocolate Dulce de Leche Tart

Man this was delicious. Also, I have never had occasion to make Dulce de Leche before (tl, dr; put a can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of simmering water for like 3.5 hours. The end.), and I could … Continue reading

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Cook the Book Fridays – Chicken Lady Chicken

Ok. So my chicken skin is a little over done. I also made a few substitutions in the marinade… we don’t like really spicy things, so I left out the chili paste, and used sumac instead (because, sumac). I subbed … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Dorie – Tarte Trop├ęzienne

When I first saw this in BCM I was intrigued. The cake is a little more time-intensive than many of Dorie’s other recipes, and when there is a challenge afoot, I am first in line. The cake itself is a … Continue reading

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My Paris Kitchen – Carbonade ala Flamande and Pain d’├ępices

It’s Saturday afternoon, and we, in coastal Florida, are decidedly “over” winter. We had our moment of cool weather – where the temperature dipped down into the low 40s on some mornings in January and February – but have promptly … Continue reading

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Nutella Babka

I am sure you are saying “Finally! Something NOT a Tuesdays With Dorie post!” Yes. Finally. I am not falling asleep on the sofa, allowing me to do something else with my time. This whole interviewing, packing, moving across the … Continue reading

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#BreadBakers – Swedish Rye Bread (Limpa)

In an effort to make good on some of our leftover Holiday Ham (and because this month’s #BreadBakers theme is Rye), I thought this would be a perfect bread for Ham sandwiches. Since this has molasses AND rye AND anise … Continue reading

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Ruhlman’s No Knead Dutch Oven Bread (monogrammed!)

I never quite understood the allure of a bread maker when you can accomplish the same no-knead bread without it… Except it isn’t the same. Using the brilliant idea of baking your bread in a pot, you will turn out … Continue reading

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