A native NYC gal relocated to the mountain west.

Highly opinionated.



Family historian, specializing in NYC and New England genealogy.

Baker/home chef and local food enthusiast, as well as avid entertainer.

Obsessed needleworker.

Bon vivant.

Lover of furbabies.

Thrifter and antiquer.

Starter of the occasional kitchen fire.

Married to an amazing guy!

10 Responses to About

  1. How ironic! I’m a native New Yorker too and I swear I have the same dress in this photo… Banana Republic?

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  3. Hi 2nd 35 Years!
    Greetings from NYC and Happy New Year again!
    There’s a blogging award called the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” and I’ve nominated you for it!
    And if you would like to nominate other blogs, here’s a link to the post.
    All my very best and thanks for your great blog! Look forward to reading you soon!

  4. pen2needle says:

    Happy to have found your space here and enjoyed reading through some of your posts 🙂

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