Cook the Book Fridays – Farro Salad

Hi all! Made it back to CtBF! Technically I did the Coq au Vin, but I took the picture with my DSLR, and then lost my usb cable for it. I actually had to buy a new cable… mine seems to have just vanished! By the time that happened, the challenge was long passed. That sauce tho… amirite? šŸ˜

This week I could not find wheat berries, so I used the recommended alternative of farro. I used all carrots for my root veg, and just made enough for one meal – we do paleo during the work week. I cubed the carrots smaller than was recommended to more closely align with the size of both the grain and the arils. I roasted a chicken to go with this, and I set a table outside on our deck since it seems our 5 minutes of “winter” have mostly passed. This was the one quasi-healthy thing I ate that day before I gorged myself on coffee and beignets, and then couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day afterwards!

I will say that this recipe can be adapted, and following the recipe at all steps may not he necessary. It is important that you use all senses to know where you are in the process. For example, I used pearled farro which cooked in about 20 minutes vs the 40 had it not veen pearled. I used smaller cubed carrots than was called for, and they required a shorter roasting time than had I cubed them larger. I did not use radicchio because it was 5.99 for a small head!

As for the salad it was good, but not a favorite. I really enjoyed the pomegranate arils, and conveniently enough we could buy them already cleaned in a package in our produce aisle. My husband did reminisce about how, when he lived in LA for two years, pomegranates just grew on trees in many neighborhoods, and he enjoyed eating them whenever he found one. Also, I have never had had farro before, and I thought it was pretty similar to barley, which I do quite like. 

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9 Responses to Cook the Book Fridays – Farro Salad

  1. In retrospect, I could have cut the carrots smaller so they blend in better. I took a double take with the price of radicchio too. Funny you mentioned it.

  2. Emily says:

    Roasted chicken – perfect pairing! Oh I do wished you added a picture of your Coq au Vin! Radicchio was affordable this week for me! Are they in season over here in my neck of the woods? But I think I prefer them raw or lightly steamed instead of roasted; and perhaps separate from the rest of the salad…. Great idea of smaller dice size – equals shorter roast time, now why did I not think of that… cost 20 mins was rather long.

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Does raddichio have a season? Maybe people are just less likely to buy it at my grocery store. It does not get much self space. I will have to get my coq au vin picture up in anothet post.

  3. MARY H HIRSCH says:

    Agree that the pieces could be smaller than David suggests. I cut mine smaller and wasn’t particular about the shape. I used farro, liked it. I didn’t include Radicchio because I didn’t get it (meaning understanding why he wanted to include it). And, like Emily, i thought it would be better as a side. I liked this salad and will use it in parties this Spring when I return to Aspen. David suggested some variations to this salad (in his blog) and one of them was chicken. Didn’t you love the Coq au Vin?

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Glad I wasn’t alone on the radicchio! I just couldn’t pay $5.99 for a head that I would use a tiny bit of once. I will have to upload my coq picture next time. The sauce was divine!

  4. Chez Nana says:

    I used the pearled farrow too, and the cooking time was easy. We enjoyed this salad, it can certainly be made with many variations. I love your presentation with the roasted chicken,

  5. Teresa says:

    I got a great deal on radicchio at one of the fresh markets in my neighbourhood, or I would have skipped it, too. This would have been good with chicken (or tofu, or any protein, really), but I’ve been enjoying it on its own for lunch.

  6. hawley32 says:

    Great idea to pair with chicken, I was thinking of using this as a lunch bowl, but it would be a nice addition to chicken for a dinner. Thanks for the tips on radicchio (I am not a big fan)

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