Tuesdays With Dorie -Peanut Butter Change-ups

This week the Peanut Butter Cookies. One of my husband’s favorites! Since this week has two challenges (both these and the Chocolate Dulce de Leche tart for CtBF) I didn’t get to have any before my non-paleo days were over (we went to Epcot Food and Wine on Saturday, and I preferred to have a slice of tart over cookies) That, however, did not stop my husband, and said he loves these very much. He loves that they are both crunchy and soft at once!

And of course they were quite easy to make, assembled in between tart steps. 

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10 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie -Peanut Butter Change-ups

  1. Hindy says:

    Love your crispy edges!

  2. awarmhello says:

    Those look fantastic! I love how the edges are more done. I can almost taste them!

  3. Cakelaw says:

    I love cookies that are low maintenance like this – easy to make and tasty. It’s a shame you missed out – a good reason to make more?

  4. I agree with your husband’s comments– these were great!

  5. Kayte says:

    Crunchy and soft all in one cookie, I hadn’t thought about that, but so true.Yours look beautiful. I probably would have opted for a slice of tart as well…but it would have been a really touch decision.

  6. Summer says:

    Your peanut butter cookies look terrifically delicious. I loved loved these. It must have taken a lot of self control to not eat them.

  7. Diane Zwang says:

    It is tough with 2 baking assignments in one week. So much sugar, so little time. Hope you had a good time at Epcot Food and Wine.

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