Cook the Book Fridays – Cherry Tomato Crostini with Homemade Herbed Cheese

Before we go any further, I believe I owe you a certain picture of me making crêpes when I was a tween. It took me a minute to dig out the album, but here you go:

Observe the level of concentration! Yes I was wearing a mood ring! 

Anyway, I had stayed the night at my friend’s apartment in Manhattan, and her dad made crêpes for us. With Nutella! I had never been exposed to either before this point and I was sold. This must have been after our annual jaunt to Montauk because I would never have made them for my family without the Nutella, and I definitely remember insisting that mom take me to the specialty food shop in Montauk, while we were there, to procure a jar of it. I was exacting (and eccentric) even as a kid! Wheee! 

Incidentally it was about this time that I first saw the Galloping Gourmet on PBS (also while out in Montauk) and I was mezmerized. My mom humored me when I asked her to recreate, at home, the lemony chicken dish that he made on that show with only half of a scribbled recipe. There was no dvr in “those days”. 

This week’s challenge was the Cherry Tomato crostini:

I couldn’t find goat’s milk yogurt so I used grass-fed cow’s milk yogurt instead. I used shallots, garlic, sage, chives, and rosemary in my cheese, and I am just realizing that I totally forgot the basil on top. 

OMG though. Were these not transcendent? I don’t know what else to say except that these were a total mic drop. I will definitely make these again for company. Or maybe just for us. I think my mouth is watering just thinking back on this.

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19 Responses to Cook the Book Fridays – Cherry Tomato Crostini with Homemade Herbed Cheese

  1. Nice photo! I agree. These were heavenly.

  2. Emily says:

    Lovely picture of the tween you! Yes, this FF dish is a winner!

  3. These were so very good! Love that photo – I also had a mood ring when I was younger!

  4. I remember making crepes when I was younger too. I think I was much better at them back then, not sure what happened.

  5. Chez Nana says:

    OMG, I loved watching that show, that goes way back. Love the photo, the mood ring, and the crepes look good too. This week’s recipe was really tasty, we enjoyed both the roasted tomatoes and the cheese, and I forgot the basil too.

  6. I can see the intensity on your face. Says a lot about how you approach food: seriously. Your crostini shot looks just as spectacular as the food.

  7. Teresa says:

    That photo is adorable! I love your story, too. The Galloping Gourmet was so much fun to watch. He was an inspiration for me in the kitchen, too. And mic drop is a great way to describe these crostini. Everything about them is worth making over and over.

  8. That is a lovely photo! Your crostini looks fabulous, even though you have forgotten about the basil! I would gladly eat this again too!

  9. Mary Hirsch says:

    Thank you for digging out that photo for us. You know I love that stuff. Although I am aware of who The Galloping Gourmet was, I don’t think I ever watched him on television. Have you ever tried Dorie’s Nutella Tartine from Around my French Table (pp. 414-15). That was my introduction to Nutella – butter-toasted brioche, bittersweet marmalade, Nutella and coarsely-chopped hazelnuts. Talk about a mic drop!

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I will have to try that. I bought amft just as everyone else was finishing it, so am slowly making my way through it ad hoc. I think that was the only Galloping Gourmet show I saw, but it clearly left an indelible mark! Glad you liked the picture!

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Ps… if you can find it, try Biscoff Cookie Butter. Amazing!

  10. Word. Transcendent. Going through these posts pre-7 am on a sunday has me salivating, remembering those flavors. So. good. I love that photo of you making crepes and isn’t it amazing how much specialty food items have increased in availability since we were kids? (We’re pretty much the same age.) Years ago, I read “The United States of Arugula” and he traces that evolution. Pretty amazing. Anyway, enjoy these last days of August!

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Thanks Katie! Yes, so glad to see more specialty food options. I think so much of that really began with Julia Child… even the basic availability of fresh garlic! Enjoy August as well…

  11. dulceshome says:

    I just love this post! It was a different time when the initial cooking shows made such an impression. I love the photo! I too would have been that serious (I threw my first official dinner party at 14!), but didn’t have nutella until much later – ah, the changes! These were definitely wonderful. So happy you enjoyed! And thanks for sharing that photo. So fun!!!

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Thanks! I have many fond memories of cooking and baking. I even made tea parties for my babysitter, with crust less sandwiches! When I played at the beach it was always pretending to mix spices into my food. Ha!

  12. hawley32 says:

    I love the picture, thank you for sharing!! Your crostinis looked great, I too forgot the basil on top. But it was still very good without it.

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