Cook the Book Fridays – Buckwheat Crêpes with Ham, Cheese and Egg

Crêpe making, at least in our house, turns into a team activity. One person to pour the batter in, the other to quickly swirl the pan around, and both to decide by committee (hovering over the pan all the while) that the crêpes are doing ok, or bickering over the best way to turn them without tearing them. Indeed I learned the art of Crêpe making from one of my ballet friends as at about the age of 11, and I have a picture of me making a crêpe breakfast for my family once I got home… I was so enthralled by the process. I will have to dig it up and show you all. I was also introduced to Nutella at the time, and I made my mom go to the specialty food shops in Montauk to find it when we went out for our vacation that summer. Such a diva, even at the age of 11!

I digress…

It is a good thing this batter yielded so much… we definitely sacrificed four crêpes before getting our first perfect one (ie one we could agree on). We also used a larger pan which yielded a slightly larger outcome.

I have never used buckwheat before. On its own the flour has this earthiness that reminds me of seaweed (which makes it unsurprising that this batter is also used with a seaweed butter in another recipe). The flavor is so delicate and there is just the nicest chewiness from it. 

Of course I used prosciutto because, well, do I even have to explain? Also used the recommended emmenthaler, though I could easily see gruyere being used here. 

We loved these. They are super easy to eat, and we quickly devoured the fruits of our labor, easily going back for seconds. The richness quickly caught up with us both, though, and we couldn’t finish as we collapsed in an umami-filled satisfaction on the sofa, post-lunch. Just thinking about them right now makes my mouth water a little. 

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15 Responses to Cook the Book Fridays – Buckwheat Crêpes with Ham, Cheese and Egg

  1. Try to think about it. We started making crêpes as a family activity in the kitchen. Crêpes are infinitely adaptable to every taste and desire. Happy time and good food. Glad you brought this up.

  2. Chez Nana says:

    That looks lovely, so happy you enjoyed them. I’m glad I didn’t bother buying prosciutto, I made such a mess of mine with the uncooked egg. I think I have work to do to get this one right.

  3. Teresa says:

    That’s a wonderful memory and your story about crêpes by committee is a perfect addition to it. I think yours might be the prettiest one I’ve seen so far!

  4. dulceshome says:

    Love your post, and terrific story. Reminds me of when I first made crepes… 5th grade. The best teacher ever. We made French Canadian food for a parents’ day, since we were studying that period in Michigan. Thanks for the nudge. Yours look beautiful. Way better than mine.

  5. It is wonderful that you had a team going to prepare them! I love them too and it is true…just thinkng about them makes my stomach growl a bit haha!

  6. Loved that story about you and Nutella! 🙂 I’m glad your crepes worked out so well! It looks like you had the lighter buckwheat flour, which seems to be the better one for baking/cooking. Gorgeous result!

  7. Mary Hirsch says:

    I would like to see the picture of you making crepes as an 11-year-old. I hope you can find it. I think your galettes came out better because they were bigger. Did you have a problem folding them? I couldn’t get mine to fold properly and they were almost too crispy and would break at the fold. I first had buckwheat galettes in Paris and remember them being bigger and softer than mine. I am going to keep at this because, like you, I loved these.

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I did have a hard time folding them too! Too crispy. I had to use an offset spatula and two hands! I will look for the picture and post it next challenge!

  8. betsy says:

    Crepes by committee must be the key to success! Sounds like how we do things sometimes in my kitchen. Glad that your galettes came out so well!

  9. hawley32 says:

    I am so encouraged that so many others had to throw out their first 2,3 or 4!! Your galettes look perfect. I wish you had posted the picture of you at 11- it would be great to see.

  10. Kitchen Conundrum says:

    What a nice story! We are nutella fans here too. Your crepe looks perfect even though you had to sacrifice a few.

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