WIP Wednesday


Here is the most recent progress picture of Clouds Factory’s Zodiac Sampler. When I first started it I thought it would make a lovely counterbalance for working so consistently on Trade Winds because it is so simplistic, but now I am struggling to want to work on this at all. BUT! I am determined to continue seeing this through. I will not put it away and let it become a UFO because if I do I know I won’t pick it up again any time soon. I do not need another one of “those” projects.

I started this month’s section later in the month because a) I was sick early in the month and b) I have been enjoying Trade Winds so much that I just didn’t want to put it down. Now here we are almost at the beginning of May, and I am thinking that, since it is already on the snaps I ought to just follow on to the May installment when it is released on the 1st. It has been a slog, and you know it is bad when tending to cleaning the kitchen supercedes stitching! I think I must motivate myself to work through this quickly so I can get back to Trade Winds. 😇

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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. thegreytail says:

    oh but it’s so sweet!! I found this works for me: when I’m working on project B while I should be catching up with project A, I start focusing on A and the rewarding feeling of finally moving on with it. after a while I truly feel like working on A again 😀

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Thanks! I think it is cute, and I will keep up with it. Maybe it is my distaste for the Marlitt frame! LOL… I will be excited to get back to Trade Winds though, and I am using that as my motivation to keep me going!

  2. Looks super cute!! I admire your skills and your determination (as always!)
    Happy almost Friday !!

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