Wipocalypse – February 2015


Well, tomorrow is my Friday, and thank goodness for it. It has been a emotionally difficult week, as my company laid off 2400 individuals. Although we are a big company, it is safe to say that we were all pretty tight knit. It was sad to see so many friends leave. At the same time I am grateful to continue my initiatives as things continue to restructure in the coming months. In all honesty, though I was pretty sure I would be “safe”, I couldn’t help but worry, having been on the receiving end of restructuring lay-offs in the past. Because we had known for a few weeks that this was coming, it was difficult to avoid the ensuing subconscious stress (even if there was a handsome severance package involved) and when that happens I am usually unable to do much else in my personal life aside from lay like a lump on the sofa.

Anyway, here I am, relieved on the other end of the layoffs, with the next section of the Clouds Factory Zodiac SAL completed! In fact I pulled out of my funk so fast after the layoffs that I skipped the gym last night and stitched this in one fell swoop (definitely staying up past my bedtime…oy)!

Also, it is our monthly Wipocalypse entry, and the question is “How do you overcome that feeling when you are in a rut with a particular project?”

Maybe my answer is too simplistic, but I put it away.

I know that so many stitchers work on planned rotations, but I have always been more of a “I’ll stitch what I want, when I want to” sort of gal. Granted, that results in having some WIPs languishing for long periods of time, but it also results in my having much more time spent enjoying exactly what I am doing. Personally, I have enough obligations in my life to bring that necessity into my hobbies!

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11 Responses to Wipocalypse – February 2015

  1. Katy says:

    So sorry for the stress of layoffs. Love your WIP, though! Great job!

  2. suzemo says:

    The GID (Guy I’m Dating) just survived his company’s restructuring/layoffs, so yay! And I totally get the stress.

    Your Zodiac SAL is looking great! I might give up on killing myself over Fantasy Sampler and work on that instead. Thankfully I have no plans next weekend and could probably do it (I’d do it sooner, but I have an RR to kick out 😉 )

  3. We were just told that there may be layoffs coming, but our department is “good” until July…which never bodes well in anyone’s heart. Luckily you have stitched beautifully and THAT makes everything better!

  4. Minnie says:

    Great thinking about staying out of a rut and wonderful stitching.

  5. Lynne says:

    It’s sad to hear of so many people losing their jobs, and there seems to be such a lot of it going around these days. Love your project.

  6. Marcy says:

    This project is so cute. You made great progress on it.

  7. Jan says:

    Glad you made it pass the last round of layoffs. I didn’t get any kind of warning and have been out of work for the last year and a half. Just now playing catch-up looking at your last 4 post. Love all the TW projects you’ve posted.

  8. I have both survived and not survived layoffs, so I do indeed understand! Your zodiac piece is absolutely adorable! It looks like such fun.

  9. Kay says:

    Cute project. There seems to be a load of these Cloud Factory pieces on the go at the moment and they always stitch up well

  10. I’m loving the zodiac piece and the beautiful fabrics everyone seems to be doing it on. Your progress on it looks great!

  11. Awesome zodiac piece 🙂 And I totally get you about not needing the stress of rotations 🙂

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