Equilibrium Brining Follow Up

I know that last week’s I left a few questions about Equilibrium Brining in the parking lot, awaiting a response. Since I received a follow up to my questions, I thought I would share the answers for anyone who cares to know.

My questions were as follows:

1. Normally you put oil in your bag prior to cooking it in the sous vide, so do you sub out your oil for the brine and then cook it in the sous vide?

2. Can you hold your protein in the sous vide long enough to go the length of the brining time?

So I guess I was under the the impression that you would just brine your food at the same time that you sous vide it, which left me seriously confused. While you can’t over cook your meat with the sous vide process, there are recommendations for hold over times that you don’t really want to go beyond, so the idea of brining and sous vide-ing didn’t really jive, since brine time would take it way past the recommended hold-over time in the sous vide.

Anyway, the response indicated that you essentially still brine your item prior to sous vide. You just don’t have to take it out of the brine and put it in a new bag. Here is the direct response:

An equilibrium brine is calculated to basically leave your final product at a desired salinity. With that in mind, you will never be able to over salt your product this way so the brine would essentially be no different than adding a liquid to the bag or oil as you say. It won’t continue to brine as it cooks. Now I wouldn’t do this for long cook times as I tend not to salt products that cook for more than 18H.

So TL;DR, nothing changes other than you not wasting a bag if you are cooking for a shorter period of time.

Pretty neat, huh? His response the second time made a heck of a lot of sense. The lightbulb went on, if you will.

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3 Responses to Equilibrium Brining Follow Up

  1. Very interesting! I learned a lot ! There is so much science in cooking and your post is great!

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