Odds and Ends



1. First off, I made Poached Cod with Tomato and Saffron  from the January 2014 issue of Bon Appetit. For a weeknight meal it was very easy and quite delicious. I highly recommend it. The only change I would make is to choose a different fish. While the first few bites are so good, toward the end the cod gets… well… fishy. I made a little thin spaghetti for it, and it was great!

2. I took cipro last week to deal with some unpleasantness. While it dealt with my issues, I felt like it was poisoning me. While i am prone to anxiety and stress (and things were crazy at work last week), i felt like it ratcheted up those emotions about 10-fold. I’ve been laying low as a result, especially since I am done with the dose… Giving my body a chance to recover. For each day further I move from being done with it, the better I feel. In started to wonder if it was me. Do your homework if your doctor wants to prescribe it. Considering that it kills ANTHRAX I was a little concerned with how cavalierly she just prescribed it. Hmmm…

3. Here is a little thought for the day, from Steve Jobs:


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