LL Bean Boat and Tote


A lot of times I carry two bags to work. My large (but not large) handbag, and a ratty market bag with my gym stuff and lunch. I say my handbag is large (but not large) because it has a large interior, but a small opening, so nothing substantial goes in it. I could just carry the market bag, but let’s be honest… I’m too vain to just carry that, even though it would fit everything. I’ll carry my handbag solely for my wallet, even though some most would think it ridiculous. I perceive that it makes me look less ridiculous.

Anyway, it seems that it’s a 5 mile walk from the car park to the building (really it’s just about .25 mile) and I have decided that all of this baggage is too cumbersome. Having all of this baggage? People might throw me change (although I did see someone with four laptop bags heading to the car park the other day… I couldn’t decide if he was important or just stealing!).

Last summer I purchased a Kate Spade flamingo-themed tote, but flamingos in February in Utah just don’t seem right. To get me through the ridiculousness of carrying the equivalent of bags that make me seem as if I am moving into our building, I bought myself a darling boat and tote from LL Bean (with a promotional discount!). I fell in love with the leather handled version, but they were out of stock for the longest time. I am so pleased now that I have it! Of course I had it monogrammed. I thought it would be slightly smaller than it turned out to be (from the reviews I read on line), but it’s just right for my needs.

In case you care, my first monogrammed LL Bean bags were a gift from my parents when I started going away for summer Ballet intensives. I still have them, but they have my maiden monogram on them. They are fabulously durable bags, in a wide range of colors, made with exceptional quality, and accommodate a wide range of needs. In fact I am considering one of the regular bote and totes for the farmer’s market season. LL Bean seems to be running intermittent promos lately, so I would recommend checking it out. Even without the discount it is still definitely worth the money.

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