Goals for 2015

I don’t do resolutions because I try not to get lazy about things that people typically create resolutions about. However, I do have a list of things that I want to complete this year, and I will document them along the way here.

So… I am keeping these the same for 2015. While I did make progress on some of these, on others they are status quo, and still bug the crap out of me!

1. Organize the pantry. We live in an apartment right now and the pantry is a single deep closet. I seem to have a love affair with ziploc bags, but because the closet is so deep I often lose track of what I have. Thus, I have 3 partially used bags of this and that. It’s a disaster! (ETA: I did begin this project, getting lovely jars from IKEA, but it still doesn’t solve the issue of lack of space within the cabinet. As I work through it, and think about what I would like, I have a few new ideas re:: how to make it function the way that I want it to)

2. Organize my stitching stash. This is a project in the works. I tend to chuck my leftover floss into one giant ziploc (ahem) bag, and otherwise have a ton of new DMC in a plastic grocery bag. Finding anything I need to kit up a project is a disaster! Although I will say that my fabric and patterns have their own drawer, so there is that. (ETA: I did begin this by gettis Iris boxes for each of my projects, which makes it a little tidier, but I still have an ongoing issue with general stash organization. A Container Store just opened in the mall, which will help with my indecision, but there is still the issue of where to put it all)

3. Complete and submit my application to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. This is almost done. Just waiting on a few things from mom and dad, and from the state of CT.

4. Move into a bigger space! Yes! We’ve lived in this apartment for  nearly 6 years, and it’s time. The layout keeps us from really making it comfortable. While I know we will continue renting (I am too paranoid to commit to an house I don’t LOVE, and want to make sure it is where we want it to be), we definitely want for more space with a better layout. This might be dependent on getting a promotion, but we will see. (ETA: a new complex opened across the street, and Tom and I have been scoping it out hard core. I will need a promotion to pull it off, but I think this is a likely event this year. Stay tuned)

5. Finish tinkering with the layout of this blog.

I thought there was more to it than that, but I will add to it as we go along.

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