A New Year and a New Start

I don’t mean to start this on a morose note, but I spend a lot of time telling dead people’s stories through genealogy. I started to think that somewhere along the way I would like to be able to share my story too, and the things that I enjoy.

I also turned 35 in November. I know! It seems like yesterday I was in high school. I’m sure I’m not the only one to say that either. For whatever reason it feels as if this year is a turning point in my life. For that reason it seemed an ideal time to start this blog. That and there being a growing number of individuals who have said they will read this. I’m holding you to it! Or else!

Just Kidding.


Here you will find (in no particular order) my adventures in food, embroidery, genealogy, thifting, antiquing, and shopping in general.

Oh. And lusting over French cookware.

As far as the subtitle of the blog goes, it’s up to you to decide whether that applies to my affinity for cooking or my being a trouble maker. Perhaps a bit of both.

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