2015 Stitching WIPS

Here is an accounting of my current WIPS (Works In Progress for the stitching community). I am adding this as a record of any progress made in 2014 on these.

ETA — editing this post to carry over for 2015.

First up: Dragon Dream’s “A Little Peace and Quiet”. This is one of the first pieces I started when I first began stitching. Looking at it now, I am so close to finishing it. I haven’t worked on it because I only have the bubbles left and that involves using the Kreinik. I’ve since moved from Kreinik to Rainbow Gallery which I much prefer for its ease of use, but I will muster through. I think I will just finish this one up after the current surprise piece I am working on (not shown below since it is a gift)

Dragon Dream's "A Little Peace and Quiet"

This is Long Dog Sampler’s Plight of Fancy. I stopped working on it because of its sheer size (it’s about 2 feet WIDE). I’d been using Q-Snaps, but it’s cumbersome and uncomfortable in large Q-Snaps, and too bulky to put in smaller Q-Snaps. My goal is to get scroll rods for this so I can use my fabulous Lowry stand. I have the companion piece (St. Hippolyte) that I’d like to get on with, so that is motivation.

Long Dog Samplers' Plight of Fancy

This is Papillon Creation’s Castles in the Air. I stopped working on this because I biffed the spacing somewhere by the iron gate but can’t figure it out. That’s ok because later they came out with a companion pattern that I purchased, and my intention is to stitch them in the same color ways (you choose your own). Since it is mostly embroidery it stitches up fast, so I am not concerned about starting over. Again, I need scroll rods for this one.

Papillon Creations' Castles in the Air

This is Mushroom Tabernacle Choir by Dimples Design. I ran out of the overdyed silk and need to pick more up. Don’t know why that stopped me from working on the Mushrooms? I tend to work on one thing exclusively until I get burned out on it, which is the case here, and then it languishes until I pick it up again.

Dimples Design's Mushroom Tabernacle Choir

This is Anthony Minieri’s Stars for a New Millenium. I love working this one. However, I am working on a stretcher frame, and since I am short it’s an uncomfortable situation since I need to almost wrap my arms around it to execute some stitches, which makes it really uncomfortable. This is another situation where I need to get some scroll rods.

Anthony Minieri's Stars for a New Millenium

This is part of Ink Circle’s Roll Your Own series. I am enjoying it immensely, but put it down to work on a gift.

Ink Circles Roll Your Own series (part 2)

This is Lavender and Lace’s Firefly Fairies. Again I just got burned out working on it.

Lavender and Lace's Firefly Fairies

This is Sampler Cove’s Time Well Spent. Burn out. However, I think I am about 2/3 of the way done with it, so I may pick it up again soon. I have a big whitework section coming up which I am looking forward to.

Sampler Cove's Time Well Spent

This is Teresa Wentzler’s Noah’s Ark. I worked on this one quite a bit in 2013, and put it down to work on the Roll Your Own series.

Teresa Wentzler's Noah's Ark

This is Papillon Creation’s Around the World in 80 Stitches. I put this down because I was caught up on the last section, and it was several months before the new section was released. By the time the next section came out I was engaged in other pieces.

Papillon Creations' Around the World

This is Mirabilia’s Fairy Moon. I opted to stitch it on 36 count linen and I am HATING the way it is working up. Because of it being linen and such a small count, and there is so much stitch skipping, the stitches are so uneven and it is driving me bonkers. I always pick it up and then barely stitch on it before I hate it again and put it down. This is likely going to take me forever to finish because I despise working on it so much. Am I the only one so crazy about their stitching like this?


This is Indigo Rose’s My Daughter. I biffed the spacing when I started this, and don’t have enough room to finish it. I didn’t count. What was I thinking? Well, at least it didn’t take too long to work… I just need to have the patience to start it over.

Indigo Rose's My Daughter

This is Teresa Wentzler’s Paisley Corner. I’m working it on Aida (for its sturdiness) and repeating the corner four times in hopes of making it into a pillow. Again, I couldn’t work with the huge Q-Snap, and need a scroll frame.

Teresa Wentzler's Paisley Corner

I started Teresa Wentzler’s Tradewinds at the end of 2014, and have really been enjoying the progress on it. If I don’t get burned out on it (or sidetracked by other projects), I can easily see this being a finish in 2015.


Of course you have seen the start of Giovanni’s Alphabet by Tempting Tangles, which I also began in the fall of 2014:


New starts this year will also include:

1. 2015 Clouds Factory SAL (waiting on my fabric to arrive)

2. Mirabilia’s Queen of Freedom

So there you have it. I project being able to work on these quite a bit more once I get those scroll frames. Will I work on any of these? Or will I start new things (as I have many calling my name, and it IS Guilt Free January…)?

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9 Responses to 2015 Stitching WIPS

  1. typenstitch says:

    Wow! You have so many amazing WIPs! I hope you get your scroll frames so you can enjoy stitching on these again. I have one on 32 count that is my least favorite, just like your Fairy Moon. Your Roll Your Own colors are the prettiest I’ve seen!

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  3. thegreytail says:

    scroll rods saved my mental health (at least what was left of it). we share a few project, you and I, Papillon’s Around the World (which I have all kitted up and ready to go) and we’re both waiting for the supplies for a Cloudsfactory (I’ll start their huge Harry Potter sampler). I always wanted to stitch Castles in the Air, it’s such a beautiful one, but arrived too late – I think I could always ask them to double check on this. who knows 😉
    I’m so sorry you have to re-start a few things, I came to the conclusion I’ll have to do that too on a couple of pieces, my count and thread preferences have changed throughout the years and there’s nothing I can do about it. the L*K piece I’m working on measures exactly 1 foot wide (without fabric allowances), and I’m working on 40ct. 😉

  4. These are lovely! Looking forward to seeing Tradewinds finished!

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